Friday, November 19, 2010

In Response-Da Bears-What does their record really mean

With 2.5 quarters of the season gone (based on Lovie Smith's math), the Bears are 7-3.  Many "experts" including those found on the Booya Network still don't believe the record justifies respect ("When you have 7 wins, people give you respect," as Lovie Smith told us late Thursday night) 
Experts will mention how the Bears schedule has contributed to their record and point to bad losses to Washington and Seattle, poor play vs the Buffalo Bills.  They say they were lucky to beat the Detroit Lions week 1; that they only beat the Packers in week 3 as Green Bay self-destructed with 18 penalties.  Then they quote Dennis Greene and tell the world, "They are who we thought they were" and then break a table in pure disappointment but last night's dominating performance vs the Miami Dolphins; the media has begun to give some respect despite their wait time Vick comes to town.
Last night, the Bears won because they managed the game on offense and let their stellar defense shine on the National stage; they gained my confidence and gave me hope that despite their remaining schedule a division title and maybe a 1st round bye is in the future.
Going into next Sunday's battle with the Philadelphia Eagles and the "post prison Michael Vick", the nation is going to find out who the Bears really are.  Will Tony Dungy scream from the NBC studio's that they are the best team in the NFC or the sceptics win out and quote Dennis Greene?  We have to wait to find out but Sports Danny is hoping the wait is worth it's wait in Gould! 

Please leave your thoughts below.  Fill out the poll and tell me:  Who do you believe the Bears really are?

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