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Bank on it!

Bank on it!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Predictions

My NFL Predictions
AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West
San Diego
Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Washington Redskins
NFC Central
Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals

The Playoffs
NFC Playoffs:
Wild Card Round
Philadelphia at San Francisco
Chicago at Dallas
AFC Wild Card Round
Ravens at Tennessee
Houston at Pittsburgh
NFC Divisional Round
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Chicago at Tampa Bay
AFC Divisional Round
Pittsburgh at San Diego
Ravens at New England
NFC Conference Championship
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
AFC Conference Championship
San Diego at New England
Super Bowl
San Diego vs. Tampa Bay
Super Bowl Champion
San Diego Chargers

Yes, I'm picking the San Diego Chargers and yes I am picking them to play the Tampa Bay Bucs in the Super Bowl. Partly because I believe strongly in the ability in Josh Freeman to continue to grow as a QB but mostly because I think that the combination of La Garrett Blount and Josh Freeman will be a dynamic duo that will cause havoc on the NFL. If I'm wrong, the world won't end but if I'm right then the world probably already ended.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Stevie Williams needs a Reality Check

Stevie Williams, Golf Caddie, sooner or later will realize he is a highly paid carrier of a golf bag but Sunday, he chose to launch himself ahead of his new boss and into the spot light by taking a shot at the man who made him rich, Tiger Woods, his former friend and boss who fired him as his caddie two weeks ago. Mr. Williams has gone on a media offensive saying the move “Stunned him” and he “wasted two years of his life in support of Tiger” but Sunday after his new boss, Adam Scott, won the World Golf Championship, Mr. Williams forgot what he did for a living during an interview with CBS’s David Feherty:
"I've been caddying for 33 years and that's the best week of my life ... and I'm not joking," ... There were a lot of expectations today. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little nervous. Obviously, Adam was leading the tournament and there was a lot being said this week, so it was great to back it up. ... But honestly that's the best week of my life; I've caddied for 33 years, 145 wins now, and that's the best win I've ever had."
This obvious dig at Tiger Woods for “leaving” him after everyone else ran for the hills due to Mr. Woods’s personal life taking an Atomic bomb like personality of its own. While it is difficult to defend a man who slept with more woman than porn star Sasha Grey; all Woods did was move on from his past while Stevie Williams as Jim Nantz pointed on Sunday lost touch with the past,” You call that the biggest win of your career after 13 major championships with Tiger Woods and (also) call this the greatest week of your life. ... It's a pretty interesting comment."
Stevie Williams is nothing more than a butler shown pouring drinks on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. He cleans another man’s balls, washes towels and cleans cleats for a living but after receiving so much from Tiger Woods, Mr. Williams feels that he is owed something more than the millions of dollars in his bank account. William’s rant popped Tiger in the mouth and changed the story from Adam Scott to Stevie Williams and Tiger Woods. When Woods finally wins a tournament so will name his caddie by name and call him the greatest Caddie he has ever had.
There have been plenty of Stevie Williams’ types throughout history, Tonto comes to mind; and since being the “Robin” was not good enough for Mr. Williams, he joined a long group of former “friends” that have turned their back on the famous golfer. It’s amazing how when someone is on top of the mountain, nobody questions them, but at the first sign of an avalanche everyone is quick to light another stick of dynamite. What Williams forgot the most is that HE HAS NOT WON ANYTHING, HE’S A CADDIE!
Sunday, Stevie Williams lost his voice in the media and today he is the story but like other “sidekicks” when his TMZ fame fades and the cameras are gone; he’ll still be Steve Williams, “Current PGA Caddie for Adam Scott” and Tiger Woods will still be Tiger Woods, owner of 13 Majors and the greatest golfer of all time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost to Rock Bottom

The Chicago Cubs are the 2nd worst team in baseball and soon, after they completely implode versus the Astros this weekend, they will be the worst. As a Cub fan, I’m horrified at how terrible this team actually is especially considering how bad the NL Central actually is. I was under the impression at the beginning of the season, the Cubs could compete in the NL Central based on the following: Starting pitching and the bullpen + a free agent highlight reel for Aramis Ramirez along with an upstart first time manager Mike Quade who lead the team to one of the best records during the last 8 weeks of the season. I bought into the irrelevant run the team went on just like the organization did and despite all my belief, injuries to the rotation early in the season left the team one step behind and despite an okay 11-11 start, the team faltered with re-tread starters like Doug Davis to where we stand today, awful baseball.
Do I believe that if Wells and Cashner don’t get hurt early, the team is better; no, as while I expected Wells and Cashner to be decent 4th and 5th starters, I also expected Mike Quade to worry less about nicknames and more about managing a ballclub.
Today topped the cake as he decided it was more important to call out Starlin Castro (Cassie) and Darwin Barney (Barn) regarding a pop fly lost in the sun than blame Dempster for his rocky, slow performance. He blamed the lack of energy on two players for a 9-1 loss to one of the best teams in the NL, when really he is the reason there is no energy.
“I was disappointed with the start [of the game]," Quade said. "And I needed to talk to kids in the middle of the diamond about that. We set a bad tone, [losing a] ball in the sun. [They] are communicating all the way. But I look back at this whole game and look at that play. The sun's been in the same spot for however long Wrigley Field's been here. Those are the kind of mistakes & there are some you accept. Others have to be taken care of."
Quade should had been calling out players in spring training, on opening day or during the first month of the season, not on July 20th, instead he was too busy giving nicknames to players like Rodrigo Lopez (Lope), Doug Davis (Dougy), Jeff Baker (Bake), Lou Montanez (Monty) and Koye Hill (Hilly). Even the third base coach Ivan Dejesus has a nickname (Zeus). Here are the rest of his silly names: Dougy - Doug Davis. Marm – Marmol, Sori – Soriano, Wellsey – Wells, Cassy – Castro, Fuke – Fukudome, Woody – Wood, Marsh – Marshall, Bake – Baker, Colve – Colvin, Hilly – Hill, Russ – Russell, Cash – Cashner, Z – Zambrano. Demp – Dempster, Rammy – Aramis, Sote – Soto, Zamarge - Jeff Samardzija, Monty - Lou Montanez, Barn - Darwin Barney, Garz - Matt Garza, Zeus – Ivan DeJesus, Carp – Carpenter.

Q needs to worry less about a new nickname for the next re-tread and start to find a way to get his players to player better baseball. I know that seems like it could be a tough call but there is more than on this roster and there is no way they should be 21 games under .500. Then again, sometimes the only way to resolve a tough situation is to start from scratch and only rock bottom, worst team in the majors would do such a trick.

Here’s hoping that the Pat Gillick rumors are true and sooner despite their record, Q will be saddened that Gilly let him go after only 1 season as “manager” of the Cubs.
Next time: With Hendry all but fired; the best GM candidate may be someone already in the front office.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It Is Not Over…Yet

When the Bulls won game 1, everyone jumped for joy and flooded local radio stations with “Sweep the Heat” non-sense. I stayed on point that the series would end up going 7. The Bulls lost game 2, I figured the series would still go 7. Then they lost got blown out in game #3 and the world, (originally scheduled to end on Saturday in rapture at 6 PM until Randy Macho Man Savage saved the day) or the Bulls nations’ world came to a crashing halt. Main stream media talks like 2 victories decide a series instead of 4 wins as the rules show. Is it going to be tough? Oh hell yeah, you are talking about 3 of the best players in the league, a mastermind in Pat Riley, a pool boy as a coach and a bunch of role players who play within the system designed to win titles. Is it impossible? No because the Bulls play just as good defense and have the MVP of the league. Sure he cannot do it all alone but this team didn’t win 62 games because of one player, they won 62 games because they understand the team concept and have a coach who understands adjustments.

If I were Tom Thibodeau
Thank goodness for all Bulls fans that I am not Tommy T but there are a few things I would do in order to win tonight and take the series back to Chicago 2-2.
1. Stop bringing non-shooters up to the pick and roll. Noah couldn’t hit a 15’ jumper 3 times in a row if you put a gun to the heckler fan that cost him $50,000 and told him the dude is dead if he makes the shots. All Noah is doing is causing traffic. The Bulls need to either go to a 1-4 set or use Deng, Boozer and Bogans to set the screens. The pick does not have to be solid, just enough for Rose to gain a step.
2. Play Kurt Thomas. In games 2 & 3 I really felt they lacked toughness to the defensive side of the game. I think Thomas can fluster Bosh enough to make him ineffective and if Wade or James went into the lane, sure they may go to the foul line but they’d do so in a body bag (Put him in a body bag YEAH)
3. Play CJ Watson and Derrick Rose together. This allows for Rose to play off the ball, avoids a double team and likely comes around a screen with an open lane/look to the basket.

Adjustments are part of the game, hopefully Thibodeau makes the correct ones tonight and it leads to a 2-2 series tie and new found hope on the West Side of Chicago. If the series comes back to Chicago with the Bulls down 3-1, although, it would be really tough to beat the Heat 3 times in 6 games.

I still expect it to go 7 games as I’m all about consistently.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 MLB Predictions

Actual records are for the birds and I will not attempt this...too subjective to the schedule and impossible to actually predict.

AL East- No team wins under 80 games in the entire division

Tampa Bay

AL Central
White Sox
Kansas City

AL West
LA Angels

AL Playoffs
Yankees vs Oakland-Yankees
Minnesota vs Boston-Boston

Boston vs Yankees-Yankees in 7
NL East
NY Mets

NL Central-First and 4th separated by 5 games
St. Louis

NL West
San Francisco
LA Dodgers
San Diego

Wild Card-San Francisco
NL Playoffs-
Atlanta vs. San Francisco
Colorado vs. St. Louis
Atlanta vs. Colorado

World Series
Colorado vs. Boston
World Series Champion
Colorado Rockies
World Series MVP
Troy Tulowitzki

Postseason Awards
Troy Tulowitzki
Alex Rodriguez
CY Young
AL CY Young
CC. Sabiathia
NL CY Young
Martin Baumgartner
Rookie of the Year

NL Rookie of the Year
Darwin Barney
AL Rookie of the Year
Jeremy Hellickson

First Manager Fired

Deter Jeter’s 3,000th hit
June 23rd 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Full Disclosure

Rawlings Official League Baseball 5 oz.Full Disclosure

The 2011 Baseball season

By Dan Starzec Jr.

NL Central

• I’m a Chicago Cubs Fan

• I hate the Cardinals

• The Brewers mean nothing to me

• The Astros are irrelevant

• The Pirates are improving due to better drafting but will remain in the cellar

• Albert Pujos is the best player in the division

• Matt Garza will prove to be the best pitcher in the division

• Zack Grienke will spend more days on the DL then starts

• Chris Carpenter will spend less days on the DL than Grienke but win less than 15 games

• Kerry Wood will lead the NL in holds

• Carlos Marmol will dominant the 9th inning again and save 40 games for the Cubs to lead the NL

• John Axford will finish with 30+ saves but blow more saves than any closer in the NL

• Adonis Chapman will dominant the league again for a short time but his arm will be Dusty Baker’d much like Mark Prior’s and Kerry Woods in 2004

• I hate Dusty Baker and he can go to hell, had he gone to the mound in 2003 instead of hiding behind his son, the Cubs win game 6, Bartman is an afterthought and the Cubs win the World Series before Boston.

• Carlos Pena is going to be the comeback player of the year

• Prince Fielder will have a HUGE YEAR and sign with either Chicago or Boston for 7 years and 160 + million dollars.

• Albert Pujos will leave St. Louis and sign with either Chicago or Boston for 8 years and 240 million dollars

• Fielder and Pujos will not be on the same team

• Ryan Braun will hit more homes than Casey Magee and Cory Hart combined

• Casey Magee fail to hit .250, commit more errors in the field than Starlin Castro and hit less homers than the combined total of Starlin Castro + Carlos Zambrano

• Corey Hart will hit less than 20 homers this season

• Starlin Castro will avoid the sophomore slump

• Tyler Colvin will not avoid such a slump and at some point be returned to the minors. He will return next season to be the starting right fielder for the Cubs

• The Brewers will regret trading Brett Lawrie, despite Shawn Marcum being a quality pitcher

• Yovanni Gallardo will win less than 15 games due to another season where he cannot stay healthy

• The Pirates will improve because of Pedro Alvaro becoming a star but will once again finish below .500 for the 20th straight season

• The Astros will not finish in last place

• The Pirates will finish behind the Astros

• St Louis, even without Adam Wainwright, will win more than 85 games

• The Brewers will keep Prince Fielder at the trade deadline despite quality offers that would result in his replacement in the future

• Carlos Gomez will not have a OBS above .200

• Ricky Weeks will avoid the DL

• Brewers Reliever Saito, 42, will show his age

• Ryan Dempster will win 15 games

• Randy Wolf will win 3 more games than millions he makes this season

• Shawn Marcum will lead the Brewers staff in wins but his ERA will begin with Taito Saito’s age

• The winner of the NL Central will have 89 victories

• Dusty Baker will destroy another pitchers arm this season and lose his job after the season

• The Reds will not win 89 games

• Carlos Zambrano will hit 5 home runs and not fight a teammate this season

• Jim Hendry will keep his job for 1 more season

• Doug Melvin will not

• Tony La Russa will leave St. Louis after the season to manage the Reds

NL West

• Aaron Harrang will win 15+ games for the Padres

o Matt Latos will prove last year was not a fluke

• Tim Lincecum will win lead his team to the playoffs but Martin Baumgartner will finish ahead of him for the NL CY Young

• San Diego, eventually will realize the package they received for Adrian Gonzalez was more than enough

• San Diego will also be glad they traded Jake Peavy when they did as Clayton Richards continues to shine

• Matt Kemp will finally live up to the expectations that are set for him by the organization

• Chad Billingsly will win 17+ games

• Jonathan Broxton will save 35+ games

• Heath Bell will sign a long term deal with the Padres

• Troy Tulowitzki will be the NL MVP

• Colorado will win the NL West

• Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies will prove to be so worth the 7 year 80 million dollar deal, in fact, by the end of that contract he will sign another one that is worth more than 200 million dollars at the age of 32.

• Arizona will wish they received more than the packaged received from the Angels for Dan Haren

• The winner of the NL West will have the best record in the NL

NL East

• The Phillies will sorely miss Chase Utley and his bat

• The Braves will win 91 games and miss the playoffs

• Roy Halladay will win not another CY Young

• Cliff Lee will prove to be worth the money

• The Phillies will not win the World Series

• Dan Uggla will hit 35 homers

• Freddy Freeman will be the rookie of the year

• Jason Haywood will land on the DL again

• David Wright will have a good season, the Mets will not

• The winner of the NL East will have more than 89 wins but less than 95

Random American League Thoughts

• People hate the Yankees because they win and spend money. Soon people will hate the Red Sox and Phillies for the same exact reason

• The White Sox are going to LOVE Adam Dunn and his production; fans will hate him because of his strikeouts. Then again, Sox fans don’t understand that 100 walks, 40 Homers and 130 RBI’s are more important than the 200 strikeouts

• The Yankees will win 95 games

• Boston will be in the World Series

• Alex Rodriguez will hit 35 to 45 homers and win the AL MVP

• Baltimore will finish over 500 but in 4th place in the AL East

• Toronto will win 85+ games but finish 3rd in the AL East

• The winner of the AL East will win 95 games, the wild card winner will finish with 93 wins

• The Oakland A’s will return to the playoffs

• The Angels will finish in the basement of the AL West

• Seattle will win 81+ games

• Texas will finish with less than 90 wins

• Neifi Feliz will save 40 games again and then become a starter next season

• Derrick Holland will finally put it all together and break double digits in wins