Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It Is Not Over…Yet

When the Bulls won game 1, everyone jumped for joy and flooded local radio stations with “Sweep the Heat” non-sense. I stayed on point that the series would end up going 7. The Bulls lost game 2, I figured the series would still go 7. Then they lost got blown out in game #3 and the world, (originally scheduled to end on Saturday in rapture at 6 PM until Randy Macho Man Savage saved the day) or the Bulls nations’ world came to a crashing halt. Main stream media talks like 2 victories decide a series instead of 4 wins as the rules show. Is it going to be tough? Oh hell yeah, you are talking about 3 of the best players in the league, a mastermind in Pat Riley, a pool boy as a coach and a bunch of role players who play within the system designed to win titles. Is it impossible? No because the Bulls play just as good defense and have the MVP of the league. Sure he cannot do it all alone but this team didn’t win 62 games because of one player, they won 62 games because they understand the team concept and have a coach who understands adjustments.

If I were Tom Thibodeau
Thank goodness for all Bulls fans that I am not Tommy T but there are a few things I would do in order to win tonight and take the series back to Chicago 2-2.
1. Stop bringing non-shooters up to the pick and roll. Noah couldn’t hit a 15’ jumper 3 times in a row if you put a gun to the heckler fan that cost him $50,000 and told him the dude is dead if he makes the shots. All Noah is doing is causing traffic. The Bulls need to either go to a 1-4 set or use Deng, Boozer and Bogans to set the screens. The pick does not have to be solid, just enough for Rose to gain a step.
2. Play Kurt Thomas. In games 2 & 3 I really felt they lacked toughness to the defensive side of the game. I think Thomas can fluster Bosh enough to make him ineffective and if Wade or James went into the lane, sure they may go to the foul line but they’d do so in a body bag (Put him in a body bag YEAH)
3. Play CJ Watson and Derrick Rose together. This allows for Rose to play off the ball, avoids a double team and likely comes around a screen with an open lane/look to the basket.

Adjustments are part of the game, hopefully Thibodeau makes the correct ones tonight and it leads to a 2-2 series tie and new found hope on the West Side of Chicago. If the series comes back to Chicago with the Bulls down 3-1, although, it would be really tough to beat the Heat 3 times in 6 games.

I still expect it to go 7 games as I’m all about consistently.

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