Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Predictions

My NFL Predictions
AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West
San Diego
Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Washington Redskins
NFC Central
Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals

The Playoffs
NFC Playoffs:
Wild Card Round
Philadelphia at San Francisco
Chicago at Dallas
AFC Wild Card Round
Ravens at Tennessee
Houston at Pittsburgh
NFC Divisional Round
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Chicago at Tampa Bay
AFC Divisional Round
Pittsburgh at San Diego
Ravens at New England
NFC Conference Championship
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
AFC Conference Championship
San Diego at New England
Super Bowl
San Diego vs. Tampa Bay
Super Bowl Champion
San Diego Chargers

Yes, I'm picking the San Diego Chargers and yes I am picking them to play the Tampa Bay Bucs in the Super Bowl. Partly because I believe strongly in the ability in Josh Freeman to continue to grow as a QB but mostly because I think that the combination of La Garrett Blount and Josh Freeman will be a dynamic duo that will cause havoc on the NFL. If I'm wrong, the world won't end but if I'm right then the world probably already ended.

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